Uniforms and Stick Explanations
NCLL teams are encouraged to use full sets of uniforms and team shorts. It is acceptable for first year teams to use pinnies in lieu of sleeved uniforms for competition, but it is expected that teams will have matching team uniforms or sublimated pinnies and/or shooter shirts within their third spring as well as matching shorts. Shorts should be of predominant and matching color for first year teams.
All players must use NOCSAE approved helmets with four points chin straps as well as abide by all NCAA Rules for playing year including mouth guards. Teams do not have to have matching helmets and/or gloves.  Sticks must be NCAA length requirement but can either be NCAA or NHFS approved as the NCLL uses the horizontal and vertical tests to ensure that the ball comes out freely. There as no regulations on the V stringing method. The width of any stick must be a minimum of 6" across at the widest width. For the pocket, the top of the ball cannot be seen when the stick is held horizontally and the ball comes out freely on the vertical test including north and south when tilted on its' axis, then there are no violations. The officials may ask at anytime to check a stick during a game only, not before or after the completion of said contest. Each team gets one stick check and retains the stick check is the stick is found illegal. In OT or when there is no time on the clock and the game is over, no stick checks are permitted according to NCAA rules. All sticks are subject to a potential stick check, regardless if the stick is used in the game or not, this includes all sticks on the sidelines.